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Advanced Homeopathy is a service of Advanced Therapeutics (AT), a private clinical practice devoted to healing and wellness for both adults and children.   AT specializes in Classical Homeopathy for the relief of both acute and chronic conditions, in addition to offering neuromuscular therapy (NMT) for the relief of acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain.


Classical Homeopathy is a system of gentle healing developed by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann in Germany between 1791 and 1843. Instead of using heavy doses of medication, Classical Homeopathy uses remedies containing highly dilute microdoses of various natural substances to stimulate the body and psyche to heal themselves. Homeopathy has been preferred as the health care system of choice by many well-known people, including the British royal family (ever since 1835), Mahatma Gandhi, jazz musician Dizzy Gillespie, performer Tina Turner, wealthy industrialist John D. Rockefeller, Sr., and Mother Teresa.

For more information on Classical Homeopathy and the many conditions it can help, please check out Homeopathy FAQ.  To contact us for an appointment, please click here.