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 Al holds a B.A. from S.U.N.Y. at Stony Brook and is a Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, specialising in St. John Neuromuscular Therapy. After spending nine years as a paramedic, Al became interested in healing and since 1981 has studied a wide range of healing disciplines which he incorporates into his work. As an Instructor for the St. John Seminars, he taught dozens of SJNMT seminars around the U.S. and Canada. In addition, he is a certified professional homeopath, specializing in Classical Homeopathy. He is also the author of Pain Relief for Life, published by Grail Publishing, and teaches pain relief seminars based on the principles and techniques in Pain Relief for Life to health care professionals and the general public in New Zealand, Australia, and the United States.

Al’s dedication to helping people get out of pain is reflected not only in his book, but also in his constant reminder to his students and patients:  “If the root cause of the pain is not found and corrected, all other treatment will ultimately fail and the pain will recur.  If you’ve had, say, ten treatments of any kind for your pain and the pain keeps coming back, it’s clear that treatment number eleven is not your answer. Something has been missed, some root cause, so doing more of what isn’t working doesn’t make sense. That’s why we focus on finding the root cause of the pain first; once we resolve that, then treatments will start to become effective and the pain will subside."


As a Registered General Nurse in the UK, USA, Canada, and New Zealand, Kate brings to her work a wealth of experience gained from over 30 years in health care, having specialised in acute medical settings, oncology/haematology, dermatology, ICU, paediatrics, and private practice.  Her work in oncology gave her a deep understanding of the needs of patients in acute and chronic pain and a passionate desire to help relieve it. She also holds a New Zealand Certification in Counselling from Presbyterian Support Services, as well as Certifications in both Massage Therapy and Sports Massage.  Kate then went on to advance her training by becoming a Certified St. John Neuromuscular Therapist (through the St. John Pain Relief Institute, USA), ultimately becoming a Teaching Assistant on the St. John training staff.  

Kate now runs a busy private practice as a St. John Neuromuscular Practitioner, in addition to which she is the Facilitator and Teaching Assistant for MBA Pain Relief Seminars, organizing and teaching pain relief seminars in New Zealand and Australia.  Somehow, Kate also manages to be a full-time mother to her two teenage children, and extends her love of children to her work through her attentive care of this age group. Kate has helped many children and adolescents improve their posture, as well as their performance in sport, music, and school, by the utilization of St John Neuromuscular Therapy.

Our Team

Health can be no more obtained by payment of gold than a child can purchase his education: no sum of money can teach the pupil to write, he must learn of himself, guided by an experienced teacher.  And so it is with health.   Dr. Edward Bach