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Terms and Conditions

(This is all the legal stuff.)


Neuromuscular Therapy (SJNMT) and homeopathy are considered adjunctive approaches to health and wellness and are not substitutes for medical diagnosis and treatment. Advanced Therapeutics provides SJNMT and homeopathy services and information, along with education about how to reduce or eliminate your own neuromuscular pain and attain and maintain wellness. However, any information, education, remedies, and/or therapies offered or discussed do not include a diagnosis, and all therapies, remedies, treatments, exercises, stretches, or diet changes should be undertaken only under the supervision of a properly trained health care professional.

Use of this web site

Use of this web site is subject to the following terms and conditions. Your use of this site constitutes your acceptance of these terms and conditions and your waiver of any liability on the part of Advanced Therapeutics.

By using this site, you thereby:

A) accept full responsibility for any actions you may take concerning any therapies, exercises, stretching, information, remedies, herbs, foods, supplements, or advice discussed or received in connection with this web site, Advanced Therapeutics, and/or its practitioners or employees;

B) release and hold harmless Advanced Therapeutics and its practitioners and employees from any liability resulting from any and all possible ill effects, damages, or loss incurred as a result of your use of this web site;

C) affirm that rather than medical advice or treatment, you are seeking alternative information and/or treatment in the form of neuromuscular therapy, homeopathy, and/or lifestyle, educational, nutritional, exercise, and wellness advice and/or recommendations;

D) understand that under no circumstances should any information, suggestions, or recommendations received from this web site, Advanced Therapeutics Ltd., or its clinical practitioner(s) be taken or understood as a diagnosis, as medical advice, or as directions contrary to the advice of any licensed physical or mental health care professional; and

E) affirm that you are fully aware that if you desire a diagnosis or treatment for any medical condition, you must consult a physician, that you fully understand that Advanced Therapeutics is not a medical institution, and that its neuromuscular therapist(s) and homeopath(s) are neither medical doctors nor licensed medical practitioners.

Privacy Policy

We greatly value our own privacy and insist that it be respected, so we treat everyone else the same way. We assume that if you provide us with any personal information, you do so solely in order that we can send you information, properly provide services to you, or otherwise do business with you, and for no other reason. Accordingly, our Privacy Policy is so simple and clear that it can be expressed in one sentence:

Unless we have your written permission or are absolutely compelled to do so by law, we will never sell, rent, give, trade, transfer, release, or in any other way furnish any identifying personal information that you may provide to us, to any business or person outside our organization or those of our suppliers of services who have a need to know that information in order to assist us in doing business with you.

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