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"I thought I was going to die till I went to see this man."  - D.E., Dallas, TX

"I'’ve gotten more out of two sessions with you than I did in six months of physical therapy." - K.P., Dallas, TX

"One of the best parts of this is that I know what's going on now. It makes so much more sense to me." - T.V., Plano, TX

"The single best thing that ever happened to my back was walking level." "You fixed it on the first go." - D.O., Richardson, TX

"You changed my life." - B.E., Beaumont, TX

"Thanks for taking the load of bricks off my right shoulder." - A.C., Arvada, CO

"I have had a knot in my right neck for more than 40 years and nothing I ever did seemed to help long-term -- not ultrasound treatments, massage, etc. I also had a great deal of difficulty sitting for long periods of time. After Al Skrobisch analyzed my body frame, he discovered the source of my problem; by employing a very simple item, that slightly adjusts my seated posture, I am now free of my neck stiffness and pain and am able to sit comfortably for long periods of time" - S.K., Plano, TX

"80 percent of my back pain is gone [after correcting a leg length difference with a lift subsequent to the first appointment]" - J.K., Plano, TX

"Only 1/16 of an inch (1.6 mm.) [correction in my shoe], and I feel so much stronger at the gym!" - D.O., Alexandria, VA

"My back is feeling so much better. You hit the nail on the head with the 3/8" (1 cm.) discrepancy in my femurs. I still have back pains but nothing like before.” - C.F., Richardson, TX

"My glutes were terrific, despite nearly 3 hours of running since Sunday. The...work you did was, once again, miraculous."  "My glutes felt so fabulous - I had not one twinge of hip or sciatic type pain the entire time [I was running]. It is such a joy to feel this normal strength back in my legs - thank you!!" - K.C.,  Auckland, New Zealand

"Thanks a gazillion! My bod feels soooooo much better!" - D.T., Waxahachie, TX

"I wanted to thank you for helping me so much with my back. I have taken your advice and adjusted my shoes - wow what a difference! You are terrific and I appreciate your hard work and expertise every day of my life! Thanks again for helping me." - L.P., Long Island, NY


"Al Skrobisch knows what he is talking about.  Five years ago I suffered from relentless back and wrist pain. My chiropractor prescribed an endless series of adjustments that did no good. My doctor was ready to perform carpal tunnel surgery. Then I met Al Skrobisch. By taking Al's advice I have completely eliminated my back pain and reduced my wrist pain to an occasional tingle. No more expensive chiropractic treatments and no unnecessary surgery for me! Learning how adjust my posture and alter my work habits has made all the difference. I highly recommend Al's book to anyone who suffers from chronic pain." - S.E., Los Alamos, NM

"This book works!  Al Skrobisch provides a clear and comprehensive description of skeletal and muscle dynamics. His guidelines for addressing muscular pain are easy to follow and I can attest to their effectiveness. This book puts the reader in charge!" - A.R., Minneapolis, MN

"I've been utilizing your stretch/strengthen charts for my clients and getting positive feedback. People are feeling better. It reinforces my work well. Glad you wrote it!" - M.B.P., Fort Worth, TX

"Sooooooooooo glad I bought Al's book, so very interesting. Taking it on holiday to finish." - J.C., Auckland, New Zealand

"I am a Remedial Massage Therapist. I borrowed your book from a friend. I have found it to be an excellent book, easy to use. I am using it to treat my clients as well as myself. I am having a lot of success, treatments are far more effective. I would like to learn more." "This is the first book on massage "theory" I've ever taken to bed with me!" - D.T., Australia

"I use Al's material almost every day." - D.A., D.D.S., New Zealand

"I'm in the process of reading the fabulous, amazing book, Pain Relief for Life. I'm a personal trainer here in Ottawa....The book is fabulous.....really, really helpful." - J.B., Ottawa, Canada

"I had the pleasure of attending a Muscle Balance Analysis Seminar with Al Skrobisch and Miss Carlisle in 2005. To say the seminar transformed my approach to health in general and athletic preparation specifically is an understatement. The underpinning philosophy was simple and logical. The teaching was clear and the emphasis placed on acquiring the confidence to practice the skills was startlingly effective.

"So much faith do I have in this paradigm that every client I accept into training does so on the understanding that a Muscle Balance Analysis will constitute the initial component of the assessment process. I have had amazing results with clients who have noted absence in chronic neck and back pain after suffering for years. I have also used analysis of my own structure to enhance my own athletic performance and succeeded last year in winning Gold medals in the World Natural Bodybuilding Championships in California and the World Fitness Championships in Las Vegas.

"I wholly recommend to fitness professionals and those simply interested in living a pain free, mobile lifestyle to....share in this health phenomenon."

Keri Onyewu, Health Systems Facilitator, Proprietor, Integrated Body Obeisance, Rotorua, NZ